5 reasons why the most qualified candidate does not get the job

08-04-2020 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL

Kim Vercoulen is recruitment consultant specialized in treasury vacancies for interim and permanent positions. As a recruitment consultant she often experience that the most qualified candidate does not get the job. In her blog below she gives 5 reasons why the ‘perfect match’ is not a matter of course… enjoy!

You may have been in the situation yourself that you read a job description where you find that the requirements match your experience for (almost) 100%.  You get invited for one or two interviews, you think it went great and expect positive feedback. But then.. You receive the call that they will propose an offer to another candidate. You are puzzled and don’t know what you could have done more. As a recruiter I have seen this situation and in this article I will discuss 5 reasons why the best qualified candidate does not always get hired.

1. Interview skills

For starters, getting a job takes a different skill set than doing the job. I see so many jobseekers focused on their previous experience in the field, which of course also is necessary, but getting the job requires you to practise other skills you might not have used in a long time. Skills like how to interview, network and negotiate. Recognize that these are skills that need practice. In a previous article we wrote we give you tips on how to prepare. You can also find a lot of helpful interview tips on the internet.

2. Socially desirable answering

One thing we also see is that people often give socially desirable answers in an interview. They give the answers they think the recruiter wants to hear. This gives the recruiter an unnatural impression and can hurt your credibility. In interviews the feeling you leave your conversational partner with plays a big role, you can imagine that only giving socially desirable answers does not leave them with a good feeling about the interview. They might think you are hiding your true self. That’s why it’s always better too keep your answers honest and authentic.

3. No match with company culture

You can be the perfect candidate on paper but in real life not fit in with the company culture. This could feel as unfair, but for both parties (candidate and company) this is very important in order to make a long lasting match. When you don’t feel at home you will be simply less enthusiastic, less motivated, less productive and will likely end up leaving the company sooner.

4. Lack of enthusiasm

Sometimes we receive feedback from our clients that they think the candidate could do the job very well, but that they did not feel that the candidate was enthusiastic about the company and the job. Do not assume that just because you applied it signals that you want the job. Make sure your verbal as well as your non-verbal communication shows how much you want to be hired. In the end we see that in most cases an employer will pick the enthusiastic though less qualified candidate over the more qualified but tepid candidate. So do not be afraid to explicitly state your enthusiasm for the job.

5. Unrealistic salary indication

Our clients always ask us to introduce candidates with a salary indication to make sure this will not become a dealbreaker in the end of the process. We sometimes speak to candidates who do not know their market value and ask for a too high (or too low) salary based on the market rate. Going too low can lead to underestimation and can result in employers thinking you might not be up for the task, while aiming too high can result in not getting the job because they can’t afford you. Make sure you know your worth before starting with applying by studying vacancies and using online tools. You can always consult us too, we have a good view on the treasury market and can help you with setting a realistic salary indication.

Take advantage with the Treasurer Test

Treasurer Test is the assessment tool for treasurers and it’s integrated in our services. With the Treasurer Test result report you can show your treasury skills at a glance next to your cv and motivation.

Find more info about the Treasurer Test here.

Take a deeper dive into how we integrated the Treasurer Test in our services here.



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Career calibration meetings with Treasurer Search

01-04-2020 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL

Due to the current economic circumstances it might not feel like the right time to take a next step in your career.


It might however make you think about where you are going in your career and how your next step should look like.
If you are one of those people, don’t hesitate to contact Treasurer Search for an online career calibration meeting.

You can contact Kim Vercoulen directly with below contact details.

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Wanted! Cash Manager with City Financials Expertise

25-03-2020 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL

Our partner Treasurer Search is looking for a Cash Manager with City Financials Expertise.

Tasks Cash Manager

The cash manager is responsible for operational tasks like forecasting, payments, liquidy management and bank relationship management. Specifically the use and improvement of the TMS, City Financials, will take substantial time.


Ideal Cash Manager

The ideal candidate for this position has corporate cash management expertise. Only candidates with City Financial experience will be considered.


Our Client

Our client is a multi-billion, international company with a large presence in The Netherlands.


Remuneration and Process

We are in dialogue with our client about the set of tasks and the ideal candidate for this position. Our first feasibilty study shows a limited number of candidates in the Dutch labour market with City Financials experience. As this is a dealbreaker, we already started communicating with the market mentioning this constraint. We invite candidates with this expertise to contact us and find out if this position might be for them.





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Why education is (not) a great investment in your Treasury Career

| 20-11-2018 | by  Kim Vercoulen |

Postgraduate education is a topic that returns in many of our conversations with candidates. They wonder if it would be beneficial for them to invest in postgraduate education and if so, which ones are most likely to help them further in their career. In our perception the Register Treasurer program (in The Netherlands), the ACT courses (in Europe) and CTP (in the US) programs are the most prominent postgraduate degrees in corporate treasury. 

Before deciding on following a postgraduate education program, I think it’s important to think about your career motivation. Based upon this you can strategize about education needed to get where you want to go. One important thing we see, is that candidates with a high intrinsic motivation and eagerness for knowledge are more likely to complete their education than the ones without. Furthermore, we also notice in our assignments that lack of postgraduate treasury education is hardly ever a deal breaker. So following a postgraduate education with the sole purpose of CV enrichment is not too smart. It does however show your interest in the field and it shows you’re motivated to expand your knowledge: it is a plus, not a must.

For some qualifications career maintenance is mandatory. For example, people with RC, RA or AA qualifications need to earn a certain amount of PE (Permanent Education) hours to maintain their basic knowledge in their field of expertise and keep up with developments in this field. And of course to keep the right to keep these letters behind their name. In treasury education, such a system does not (yet) exist. This means that keeping your treasury knowledge up to date is your own responsibility. You can do this maintenance by attending courses, visit events and invest in publishing about the field in treasury publications.

If you would like to brainstorm upon the above, please contact us and let us know what your thoughts are.


Kim Vercoulen – Recruitment Consultant at Treasurer Search

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