Carlo R.W. de Meijer is an independent Economist and Senior Researcher.

Till 1 October 2015 he worked at the Market Engagement Department of Services Payments at the Royal Bank of Scotland.
He received a Master’s degree (cum laude) in International Economics at the University of Tilburg in 1977.

During his career at ABN, ABN AMRO and Royal Bank of Scotland, Carlo has held a large number of posts in the banking sector of international finance, both as a senior economist and as a private investment advisor.

He has been a member of various national and European committees and working groups preparing the launch of the euro.
His main areas of focus are nowadays the payments, securities/derivatives, trade finance, supply chain finance, standards and cash management environment and its developments.

Carlo has published many articles on various international and financial topics.
He has been one of the editors, next to Steve Everett and Willem van Alphen, of the International Cash Management Handbook 2013.