Niki is a long time treasury professional filled with fresh ideas and a allround developed tool set. In the past 20 years he built experience in all pillars of Treasury (cash management, corporate finance, (FX) risk management) maintaining focus on what matters most to individual stakeholders. 

Niki is strong on financial engineering from SME to large corporates at manager and director level. He always kept focus on currency matters from markets, cash flow, accounting all the way to an integral business perspective. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and always maintaining a long term focus, in other words ‘eye for detail’ while looking at the big picture.

Niki doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.



  • (Long term) FX Risk management
  • Bank Relation Management
  • FX scans, quick identification and solving issues
  • Hedging Strategy and Policy
  • Automation of Exposure Identification
  • Structuring of (complex) international flows
  • Crisis Management (just to name a few, ARS, RUB, CHF, VEF)
  • Holistic Treasury Management ie Cash Management, Capital Markets and Risk in one view
  • Hedge Accounting (IFRS 9/IAS39)
  • Derivatives, vanilla to structured
  • Bank guarantees
  • Treasury Governance, modelling and reporting