treasuryXL and Surecomp would like to invite you to join us for an exciting live session on the topic of:

“Empowering Treasurers: Trade Finance Management Strategies”

Much of our treasury community is showing an increased interested in trade finance as a means to unlock liquidity and drive growth. Many corporates engaged in international trade utilize letters of credit, guarantees, and other instruments to mitigate risks. Recent studies indicate that trade finance managers are prioritizing digital optimization to address cumbersome, manual processes in order to accelerate finance approvals.

Interactive session
In this live webinar, Eddy Veenstra from multinational logistics firm Vanderlande, Enno-Burghard Weitzel from Surecomp, and Niki van Zanten from treasuryXL will discuss their experiences and insights, as well as observations from others on the following topics:

  • Identifying and overcoming bottlenecks in operations
  • The risks associated with manual processes and how to mitigate them
  • Exploring the benefits of efficiency improvement

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Tuesday, September 5

Start: 10.30 am CET

Duration: 45 minutes


This session is designed to benefit treasurers who dedicate significant time to trade finance, as well as those for whom it is just one of many responsibilities. By participating in this webinar, you will enhance your understanding of trade finance risks, processes, and potential areas for improvement. The session will be expertly moderated by Pieter de Kiewit.


Eddy Veenstra

Customer Finance Director at Vanderlande

A visionary ex-banker, Eddy transformed Vanderlande as Customer Finance Director, revolutionizing warehousing and logistics. Renowned for his integrity, strategic partnerships, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Eddy continues to inspire and redefine success in the industry.

Enno-Burghard Weitzel

Senior Vice President Strategy & Digitization at Surecomp

A seasoned business strategist and digital trade finance expert, Enno is formerly the head of trade finance product at Commerzbank. Enno has a proven track record of driving innovation. With his deep industry knowledge and visionary leadership, he continues to shape the future of digital trade finance transformation.

Niki van Zanten

treasuryXL and seasoned FX expert


Niki is a long time treasury professional filled with fresh ideas and a allround developed tool set. In the past 20 years he built experience in all pillars of Treasury (cash management, corporate finance, (FX) risk management) maintaining focus on what matters most to individual stakeholders.

Niki doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

Pieter de Kiewit

Moderator | treasuryXL Ambassador

Owner of Treasurer Search

With his passion for treasury and recruitment Pieter started his successful treasury recruitment company, Treasurer Search, in 2009, and is a proud treasuryXL ambassador. His down to earth mentality combined with his open, honest and authentic communication has brought him a warm and valuable network within the treasury world.

As a speaker and moderator for a variety of events and his well-known presence in the treasury world, Pieter is the go to person to moderate this event.

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