Round Table “Payment Challenges in a Post-Covid World” | Toekomst Betalingsverkeer

18-8-2021 | François de Witte | treasuryXL |

On September 9, 2021, the event “Toekomst Betalingsverkeer” will take place in Amsterdam. This annual event on the Future of Payments has been the meeting place for 20 years.

With upcoming edition following topics will amongst others be covered:

  • The Fintech evolution of banking.
  • Platform strategies & developments big tech.
  • Customer experience strategies.
  • Open banking.
  • Instant payments.

Close to 30 experts will share their views on the various developments and challenges in the payment world.

Round Table Sessions

I will be hosting two round table sessions on “Payment Challenges in a Post-Covid World”.

The Covid19 crisis had a huge impact on the payment landscape. We have seen interesting developments such as:

  • A large growth of e-commerce transactions.
  • An increased use of contactless payments.
  • A Surge in marketplaces and the increased importance of the platform strategy.
  • The payment experience is more critical than ever.
  • The increased use of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and Central bank digital currencies (CBDC).
  • The increasing Demand for Mobile Point of Sale.
  • Online payments increasing in importance, replacing partially card-based payments;


During the round table, we will make a deep dive on the following 3 topics:

  • Instant Payments – the new “normal” ?
  • Request to Pay: the bridge between customer convenience and reconciliation?
  • Digital currencies for a digital future ?

I will not tell more about this, but hope to meet you there.

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François de Witte