treasuryXL expert Dennis Schmidt addresses the question of how we can enhance awareness of Treasury as a profession in Secondary Vocational Education (MBO) and Higher Professional Education (HBO).


At schools (focusing on MBO and HBO) students are being taught Finance and/or Accounting, though there is a gap in education on Treasury (its role, functions, professions and career paths).

To spark interest, the Treasury community must engage with schools, conduct workshops, and deliver guest lectures. This proactive approach ensures that MBO and HBO students comprehend the significance of Treasury within a company and consider it as a compelling career choice

These initiatives not only foster diversity in talent but also reduce dependence on internal hires or individuals with a few years of experience.

Tip: Start early with Treasury education at schools to create awareness and to be on the front row to hire young talent for a diverse Treasury Department.

Dennis Schmidt

Seasoned Treasury Professional

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