treasuryXL expert Patrícia Baptista Nabiço tells us how Treasury can respond to tightening Forex regulations by collaborating with internal teams, building strong banking relationships, and proactively communicating and adjusting to regulatory changes.



Tightening Forex regulations around the globe, particularly in markets like Egypt, Mauritania, CEMAC region, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Ghana, are squeezing margins and hindering cash repatriation for treasuries. Here’s how Treasury can respond:

  • Collaborate with Business, Sales, and Commercial Operations to ensure restricted jurisdictions collect revenue primarily in unrestricted areas.
  • Build strong relationships with Reserve Banks and key commercial banks for early warnings on regulatory changes.
  • Clearly communicate regulatory updates, risks, and mitigation strategies to internal stakeholders, emphasizing the risks and mitigations to apply.

Tip: Always expect changes and be prepared to adjust the business models on spot

Patrícia Baptista Nabiço

Seasoned Treasury Professional 

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