International Treasury Management and Corporate Finance

22-09-2022 | François de Witte | treasuryXL | LinkedIn

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The treasurer is the custodian of the company’s daily liquidity. He manages, anticipates and secures cash flows by ensuring that financial needs are covered. This cursus will give the ability to assist directly and practically the treasurer of large corporates or to take over the treasury responsibilities in a SME. The different modules will allow you to acquire the fundamentals of the different areas of the “Corporate Treasurer” profession.


Module 0  – Introduction to Treasury Management

Speaker: Benjamin Defays / Treasury Manager


  • Bank account opening/closing

  • KYC

  • Payments and bank connectivity

  • Liquidity structures

  • Cash forecast

  • Importance of working capital

  • Factoring/reverse factoring

  • Main financial measures

  • Economic thinking

  • Risk Measures

  • Hedging

  • Fraud risk

  • Credit risk

  • General context

  • Bank guarantees

  • Letters of credit

Module 1 : Payments, Cash Management and Banking Relations – Fundamentals

Speaker François De Witte / Consultant  


  • Payment and interbank clearing and settlement methods.

  • Payments instruments, processes and tools

  • Electronic banking channels

  • Working capital, cash and liquidity management – basic concepts

  • Day to day cash management

  • Organisation of the cash management and tooling

  • Financing the company

  • Basic insights in managing banking relationships

Module 2 : Risk Management Applied to Treasury – Fundamentals

Speaker: François Masquelier / Group Treasurer


  • FX, Interests
  • Counter-parties
  • Others (Reputation, etc…)
  • Objectives of hedge accounting
  • Required documentation and formalization of hedge accounting relationships
  • Different types of hedges (Fair Value, Cash Flow, Net Investment)
  • Booking adjustments of different hedge types
  • Typical examples of different hedge types

Module 3 : Trade Finance Applied to Treasury – Fundamentals

Speaker: Benjamin Defays / Treasury Manager


  • General contact, cultural aspects
  • Why trade finance in treasury
  • Bank Guarantees, Burgschafts, Surety bonds, Letters of credit, Cash against documents
  • Alternative security instruments
  • Disruptive technologies

Module 4 : Credit and Collection Applied to Treasury

Speaker: Benjamin Defays / Treasury Manager


  • Introduction to credit risk management
  • Concepts & Practices/Types of credit risks
  • Understanding financial statements and ratios
  • Credit Scoring/Ratings – S&P, Bloomberg models
  • Collection:
    • Collecting overdue receivables – setting priorities
    • Strategies dealing with overdue invoices
    • Debt collection services development


Module 5 : Cyber-fraud: what you need to know to manage this ever increasing risk

Speaker: Thierry Hamon / Cash management & Cybersecurity expert 

  • Getting an overview of the different cyber-attacks techniques currently used
  • Understand the possible consequences of cyber-fraud and what needs to be protected
  • Learn 50 ways to protect
  • Special focus on IT backup, fraudulent emails & disaster recovery plan for treasury
  • Co-construction of counter-measure list for all main cyber-attacks
  • Personal action plan definition for each participant


Public cible

Anyone who wants to acquire basic knowledge of corporate treasury and put this knowledge into practice.

  • Basic background in finance or accounting
  • For the advanced Excel workshop, a preliminary (good) knowledge in Excel is required.


Training material

Course material will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg


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Francois de Witte


François de Witte