Programme: International Treasury Management and Corporate Finance – Advanced

26-01-2023 | François de Witte | treasuryXL | LinkedIn |

treasuryXL expert François de Witte will conduct advanced training on International Treasury Management and Corporate Finance at the House of Training in Luxembourg on March 2nd. Read below more


The treasurer is the custodian of the company’s daily liquidity and financial risks. He manages, anticipates, secures and help optimize cash flows by ensuring that financial needs are covered and appropriate instruments are used, as well as take necessary measures to mitigate financial risks.


At the end of this programme, the participant will able to:

  • assist the treasurer of large corporates directly and practically
  • take over treasury responsibilities in a SME

The various modules will allow to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the different areas of the “Corporate Treasurer” profession.


Module 1 : Financial Maths in Excel (Focus on treasury & corporate finance)

Speaker: Hugues Pirotte / Professor of Finance at Solvay Brussels School


  • Focus on treasury & corporate finance
  • Time value of money
  • Vocabulary
  • Compounding intervals
  • Discount and annuity factors
Module 2 : Payments, Cash Management and Banking Relations – Advanced

Speaker François De Witte / Treasury Consultant


  • Recent trends in payments.
  • Liquidity management – Basic concepts.

  • Cash-Flow forecasting – Advanced topics
  • Treasury organisation – In house bank and payment factory
  • Treasury technology – TMS
  • Hot topics on banking relations – RFP and implementation.
  • Challenges of the banks and impact on the banking relations
  • Open banking – Opportunities for corporates.
Module 3 : Trade Finance – Advanced

Speaker: Benjamin Defays / Senior Associate Vice President

  • General context
  • Cultural aspects
  • Why trade finance in treasury
  • Type of instruments
  • Bank guarantees
  • Bürgschaft
  • Surety bonds
  • Letters of credit
  • Cash against documents
  • Forfeiting
  • Factoring & reverse factoring
  • Alternatives
  • Cash-in-advance
  • Corporate guarantees
  • Disruptive technologies
Module 4 : Practical Aspects of International Finance Regulation

Speaker: Lievin Tshikali  

With the successive financial crises, serious concerns have naturally been raised in the population, forcing G24 governments and international organisations to build an incredible set of laws to “better” regulate/monitor the activities of banks and other financial institutions. This module provides an overview of international finance regulation. It considers some regulatory and practical issues affecting transnational financial transactions undertaken by global investment and corporate banks.

  • International financial crises
  • Evolution of the international banking supervision
  • Functioning of capital markets
  • Governance – Internal control framework
  • Anti bribery / Whistle-blower policies
  • Overview of AML/CFT regulations
    • Tax evasion – FATCA-CRS regulations
    • Notion of ultimate beneficiary owners
    • Politically exposed persons
    • Market abuse regulations
  • MIFID principles
  • GDPR principles
  • International sanctions regimes
Module 5 : Risk Management Applied to Treasury – Advanced

Speaker: François Masquelier / CEO


  • FX, interests
  • Counter-parties
  • Others (reputation, etc…)
  • Objectives of hedge accounting
  • Required documentation and formalisation of hedge accounting relationships
  • Different types of hedges (fair value, cash flow, net investment)
  • Booking adjustments of different hedge types
  • Typical examples of different hedge types
Module 6 : Technologies Applied to Treasury

Speaker: François Masquelier / CEO


  • New technologies
    • Blockchain, crypto-currencies, smart contracts
  • Treasury Console (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters)
  • TMS, Financial Technology
Target Audience

Financial professionals (finance, banking, accounting, tax, treasury…) willing to acquire an in-depth knowledge in corporate treasury and wishing to exercise this knowledge in practice.




Francois de Witte


François de Witte