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| 15-9-2017 | treasuryXL |

In earlier blogs we informed you about the minor treasury management at the Hogeschool Utrecht and the new Treasurer Development initiative. Together with you we will start connecting the dots in an exciting way and kill two or even more birds with one stone. This is how.

Currently, with your input, we are compiling a list of hot topics in treasury. If you did not complete the one-question-survey, please do so. Your opinion is important. The top 8 of this list will be handed over to the students attending the minor treasury management at the Hogeschool Utrecht. For each topic, one student or a small group will write a 400 word report, based upon literature and web studies. A report typically will be a description of the topic that can also be read by laymen as well as relevant current developments. These reports will be published as blogs on under the name “HU Treasury Papers” and used for educational purposes in their program. A number of experts from our community have already volunteered to help with editor and/or referee services for the articles.

Doing so, students will learn about corporate treasury. Most likely these blogs will be an excellent read for non-treasurers wanting to learn about the fundamentals. Together with experienced experts, these blogs can be stepping stones into internships and perhaps even first jobs.

If you are interested, this is how you can contribute:

  • Complete the survey;
  • Read and comment on the website or in social media;
  • Think about internships in your organisation;
  • Offer your time, expertise and/or network as a guest lecturer or expert in treasury internships.

You can respond to us at treasuryXL or contact Frans Boumans (e-mail: [email protected]) at the HU. We will further inform you and look forward to your input.

Annette Gillhart – Community Manager treasuryXL

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