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handshake-2 Turning a career into a new direction, this is a topic often discussed in meetings I have with applicants. The obvious reason for many is that they are between jobs and are forced to rethink their professional ways. Others just realize that their goals, objectives and priorities have shifted and that their job has become less meaningful and rewarding to them. They may be looking for a complete career change or they have experience in related industries and are looking to bring those skills to a different environment. Either way the technical skills of the career changer will often not perfectly match the job requirements.

Benefits for the candidate

Based upon input from many I have decided to start a pilot in which Treasurer Search will facilitate the exploration of an internship of experienced candidates. The benefits for the candidate will be obvious. Exploring the new field and gain experience and skills to make them more marketable with the end goal of getting hired fulltime. Interns are also valuable for employers in terms of both today’s workload and tomorrows workforce.

Benefits for your organisation

The additional manpower can relieve some (temporary) working pressure to accomplish immediate objectives or can be useful to finally start a long-planned project. Without knowing, the skill set gained in a different type of organisation might be applicable to yours. Hiring someone as an intern is the most effective way to evaluate their potential as a fulltime employee. The candidate will gain experience within the company without the pitfall of training a new hire, only to find out they’re not compatible with the organization. An intern can enhance perspective and bring fresh new ideas on organizational issues.

Internships can be a win-win-situation. Setting up an internship program meets both needs simultaneously.

About the internship

Applicant and employer start an internship project that is obviously beneficial for both:

The employer explores how the knowledge and skill set of the intern can deliver results;
The intern learns about a different than his previous working environment and proves he can contribute;
The internship project is defined before the start:

Will it be a “work along” or “change project”:
How long will the project be? The maximum should be 3 months, we are not aiming to create substitutes for regular positions;
Who will the intern report into?
What will be the working hours?

Agreement internship

Before the start of the project an agreement will be signed including:

The above mentioned project definition;
Coverage of legal (liability, confidentiality) and fiscal aspects);
A small reimbursement / salary connected to the previous point;
The willingness of the employer to coach and act as a referral;
A short notice period in case a “real” position arises;
This agreement can be directly between intern and employer. It is also possible Treasurer Search facilitates by taking over the pay-rolling or a ZZP agreement will be put in place;
Only in the case of pay-rolling Treasurer Search will invoice during the project. In case the intern enters into a labour agreement, Treasurer Search will send an invoice. The placement fee will be 20% of the base salary (in the labour contract).

If you want further information about this initiative or want to know about specific candidates or organisations involved, you can contact me.

Pieter de Kiewit



Pieter de Kiewit
Owner Treasurer Search


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