This year, treasuryXL is launching a brand new series that will delve into critical treasury topics in just 100 words. This concise format will provide you with the essential information, deliver actionable insights, and leave you with a lasting impression that will enhance your treasury expertise.

In this first edition, treasuryXL expert Jermal McDaniel delves into the topic of Cash Forecasting using Accounts Receivables.


Treasury is instrumental in ensuring that companies have adequate liquidity for operations. When Treasurers use A/R for forecasting, they must consider several crucial factors:

Access to accurate and timely data is crucial, along with reliable systems capturing A/R information for reliable forecasts. Mandatory meetings with sales teams are essential to gaining insight into potential account receivable delays. Predicting cash inflows relies on monitoring customer payment histories and trends. Improving forecast accuracy involves utilizing advanced analytics.

Treasurers must also prioritize data integrity, collaboration, and technology leverage as their primary tools for effective cash flow management, ensuring overall financial stability in company operations.

Jermal McDaniel
Seasoned Treasury Professional

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