Boost your career as an all-round Treasury professional, by a series of “Master classes” given by a large number of lecturers, experienced treasury and corporate finance professionals. The program is split in 3 semester modules. Each of these semester modules can be taken separately. This allows for flexibility in interest and timing. Each semester module lasts 5 months. Successful completion of a semester module will be rewarded by a certificate. When all 3 semester modules are successfully completed, the title of Registered Treasurer (RT) will be awarded.

The postgraduate Executive Treasury Management & Corporate Finance program has now been running for more than 25 years at Vrije Universiteit.

It combines three subdisciplines which are inextricably connected: Treasury Management, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance.

The curriculum consists of 3 semester modules which cover these subdisciplines:

  • Cash and Treasury Operations (Feb 2024 – Jun 2024)
  • Corporate Finance & Valuation (Sep 2024 – Jan 2024)
  • Corporate Financial Risk Management (Feb 2025 – Jun 2025)

An integrated program on Master level in these disciplines is unique both in the Netherlands and abroad. It aims to promote your development as an academic professional through a mix of:

  • Knowledge: increasing knowledge/conceptual base with practical relevance
  • Application: discussing real issues in professional practice and case studies in class
  • Expertise: taking an active role in forming opinions on treasury issues relevant for professional practice

The program is not just about knowledge, but to provide solid hands-on insights in the professional practice of Treasury Management & Corporate Finance.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be awarded with the title of Registered Treasurer (RT) by the Registered Treasurer foundation

This title is a well-known and widely recognized title within the treasury professionals’ community.

Five key benefits of completing semester modules / program

  • Broaden the perspective on the corporate treasury and finance disciplines that all-round corporate treasurers and finance professionals should master.
  • Gain and master hands-on knowledge crucial in the daily practice thanks to a balanced mix of academic and professional expertise. Most lecturers are senior affiliates from KPMG, Orchard Finance, PWC, Zanders, EY and the academic community.
  • Increase career development opportunities in a different setting thanks to the participation in the Thursdays lectures, leading to new ideas, insights and personal development.
  • Learn in interactive sessions when discussing practical examples, stories and business cases shared by lecturers and participants.
  • Connect with the treasury community and fellow participants and build your own professional network.

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Partners in delivering this programme are Orchard Finance, KPMG, PWC, Zanders and EY.

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