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How to improve your working capital with Trade Finance instruments

| 22-5-2017 | Olivier Werlingshoff | Trade finance instruments are developed especially for companies that deal with  export and/or import of goods to reduce risk but also to improve the working capital. Before going into the working capital part first let us refresh the theory. If you are an importer of goods you would like […]

Better Decisions through real-time Reporting: Business Intelligence about Cash Flows & Cash Positions

|17-5-2017 | Joerg Wiemer | TIS | Sponsored content | How do strategic professionals decide on the best path to success for their company? The key is in transparency and real-time reporting. If it comes to the responsibility of the treasurer or financial professional this means deciding about company-wide cash flow and liquidity levels, bank, customer and supplier […]

The IT Savvy Treasurer

| 9-5-2017 | Patrick Kunz |   We cannot switch on the news without hearing about technological advancements which, supposedly, make our lives easier, better or smarter. We all embrace these, get used to them and cannot do without them anymore. Sometimes we think back to the time before these advancements and cannot image how […]

Autorisaties en bevoegdheden vastleggen – ook noodzakelijk voor het MKB

| 5-5-2017| Jan Doosje |   Helmi van Bergen van Juridiqua heeft onlangs een interessant artikel gepubliceerd over autorisaties en procedures rondom autorisaties. Vorig jaar heb ik een artikel voor TreasuryXL geschreven betreffende autorisaties en procedures met betrekking tot cash en treasury management. Ik zie het artikel van Helmi van Bergen in het verlengde hiervan. […]