Looking for a Corporate Treasury Specialist

22-01-2020 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL

Our partner Treasurer Search is looking for a Corporate Treasury Specialist:


The specialist will start with a focus on operational tasks like cash management, reporting & analysis whilst managing the group guarantee portfolio and act as EMEA coordinator on trade finance. Gradually she can move forward into projects and other front office tasks. Being able to back up other treasury team members is an embedded expectation. The last decade has shown there are always more than enough challenging corporate treasury projects and successful team members can move forward in responsibilities.

Ideal Corporate Treasury Specialist

The ideal candidate has a relevant degree and one or two career steps in corporate treasury. Her current position could have the job title treasury analyst, cash manager or treasury accountant. She might have experience working in a bank or consultancy, a corporate is more likely. All team members show a constant interest in financial market developments and expect their new colleague to share this. As a person she brings the right balance between being proactive and ambitious on one hand, and being patient and modest on the other hand (teamplayer). Sense of timing and communicating well is key in this, as is non-opportunistic behaviour and thorough thinking. Speaking Dutch would be an asset, not a must.

Our Client

Our client is a multi-billion $ manufacturing company with a global presence and both USA as well as Asian influences. The European treasury team is part of a small and stable group holding organisation with several international “rest of world” responsibilities. The team covers a broad spectrum of corporate treasury tasks in corporate finance, cash and risk management. Given a recent major acquisition, the team is co-tasked to integrate the new business on its platforms & protocols during the 2020 -2021 period. Communication with colleagues and external parties from around the world is part of the daily routine. Although the team already performs at a very high level, the world changes constantly and ambitions are high. Further projects are scheduled. Our client works with SAP, including the TR module.

Remuneration and Process

Depending on the track record of the candidate, the base salary will be between €45K and €60K and a bonus plan can be part of the remuneration package. Our client can offer long term career perspectives. The Treasurer Test might be part of the recruitment process.

Contact person


T: (0850) 866 798
M: (06) 2467 9339