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Aviva Investors is the asset management arm of Aviva plc, a multinational insurance company and one of the largest in the UK, with a strong presence in Ireland and Canada. We are one of the three core businesses of the Aviva Group.

At Aviva Investors, we combine global intelligence with local insight to deliver exceptional investment performance and innovative products. Managing over €250 billion across various asset classes, liquidity being one of our core capabilities.

We offer Euro, Sterling, and US Dollar-denominated short-term and standard money market funds, managed for over 20 years. We also provide segregated mandates, a fully tailored solution we have been running for 45 years, that could suit your cash flow needs and investment policies. Our actively managed strategies diversify cash across high-quality money market instruments, serving as a complement , or alternative, to bank deposits.

Managing over €40 billion in liquidity across EUR, GBP, and USD, we account for about 40% of Fixed Income as an asset class. Over 50% of managed liquidity is sourced internally, conservatively handled alongside third-party investors, and ensuring great control and visibility. Our dedicated money market desk focuses on preserving capital, liquidity, and yield, backed by 23 credit analysts averaging 15 years of experience providing expert sector coverage. Our diverse investor base includes large corporates, pension funds, local governments, wealth managers, and individuals. Leading in responsible investment, we adhere to SFDR Article 8 and our parent company is the first UK insurer to state net-zero ambitions by 2040. We have 30 ESG analysts working with our credit team to integrate responsible practices into our investments.

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Tony Callcott

Global Head of Liquidity Client Solutions

Tarek Smili

Sales Director – Liquidity Solutions – EU Corporates

Alastair Sewell

Liquidity Investment

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Senior Portfolio