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| 5-1-2017 | Annette Gillhart |

workshop Financial SystemsIn december we called in your help to refer to our page ‘Resources‘ and complete our list of associations. We have received interesting suggestions which will be added to the list shortly. Today we would like to give you an overview of the treasury education and training organisations that we have listed on this same page under the tab ‘education and training‘. Of course you are again most welcome to send in suggestions, as we do not claim that this list is complete.

As our list is rather long we will start with 3 organisations:

1. Alex van Groningen

Since 1994 Alex van Groningen is one of the leading partners for finance professionals. They also built several major communities with their partners. Within those communities knowledge, network and career meet, support and enforce each other. More than 100.000 professionals meet online and in class rooms.

Training programs comprise amongst others Financial analysis, Strategic financial management, Controller in one week and Business valuation.


Education and training for working people in The Netherlands.

NCOI stands for keeping skills on a high level or improving these skills and their target group is the working population. Every year they enlarge the knowledge, skills and competence of thousands of working people. Their approach is strongly related to the working practice and offers a high extend of flexiblity to combine job and study. They offer various starting dates, different study types, top lecturers, group lessons and a valuable diploma.

A short summary of the programs they have for treasurers and finance professionals (courses are in Dutch):

Masterclass Financing & Treasury, Module treasury management, Master Finance & Control


NIBE-SVV offers education and training for bank, insurance and stock exchange professionals throughout The Netherlands. According to their information they are the leading institute for finance professionals. Courses and programs are matched with the existing knowledge and competences of participants.

Their approach is practical and they provide profession-oriented training on MBO (intermediate vocacional education) , HBO- (higher vocational education)  and Master level.

They offer the following programs for treasurers and finance professionals (in Dutch):
Introduction riskmanagement, Financial riskmanagement, Cashmanagement, Financial risk and regulation, Foundation of financial risk, Cashmanagment and Tradefinance


The complete list of education and training organisations on our website can be found under ‘education and training‘.

For more information about a particular organisation and the most recent programs please visit their websites.

Have you been following an interesting and valuable training lately that you want to tell us about? Please feel free to share it with us and the treasury community!


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