New update for the community: Treasurer Test

| 02-04-2019 | by  Roy Baaten |

Dear peer goup members, treasurers, financials and friends of the community.
It has been a while since we updated you on the treasurer test.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who helped us in one way or the other. A special thanks for those who made the test as a peer group member and provided us with very valuable feedback.

From the start we communicated that everyone will receive their report at the same time when the peer group is complete. We nearly completed the senior categories of the peer group but have to invest in finding candidates for the categories “no experience in treasury” and “treasurers with up to two years of treasury experience”. We are working very hard so everyone can receive their report they worked so hard for. We are almost there!

If you are a candidate for the aforementioned categories or know people who qualify and might want to take the test, send an email to [email protected] We appreciate your help.

We will inform you again if we have more news.

Roy Baaten – Community Manager

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