Why is cash flow forecasting still an issue?

| 09-07-2019 | by treasuryXL | Kendra Keydeniers

Cash forecasting is a vital part of the treasury role – and for all too many treasurers it’s a time consuming, difficult job where insufficient system support makes data management, analysis and reporting a time-consuming nightmare.

However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! In this insightful webinar hosted by The Global Treasurer and Analyste, they will:

  • Discuss why cash forecasting is still an issue
  • Delve into the barriers preventing corporate treasurers from making cash forecasting a simple task
  • Investigate the technology solutions making it easier than ever before
  • Work out a roadmap that will help treasurers ease their cash forecasting worries

The first step towards simplified cash forecasting: Register now for the Webinar on 17 September 2019 from 11:00AM to Midday BST