Treasury is dead. Long live treasury?

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If Global Business Services models can do a better job at HR, procurement, networks, IT and data analytics, why doesn’t it just take over treasury? At some firms, it’s already happening.

Shared services are again all the rage as companies search for the short-term wage arbitrage of offshoring. At the end of 2016, Warner Music Group announced the creation of a new US centre of excellence for Shared Services in Nashville, Tennessee, to aggregate its US Accounting Operations, Cash Management and Recorded Music Rights Administration. In June 2016, Eltel announced its intention to establish a new Global Shared Services centre in Poland later this year. The decision has now been taken to locate the centre to Gdansk. The centre will provide all Eltel businesses globally with support services in the field of finance, human resources and procurement. And Nestlé, as part of an ongoing programme of structural cost saving, has recently set up two more SSCs, one in China and one in Portugal taking the total to nine.

Initially, treasury is in control of the outsourcing of its functions. The creation of one or more shared service centres is driven by a corporate desire for lower-cost, higher efficiency processes. Treasurers’ solution has been to centralise treasury operations and to outsource non-strategic treasury processes.

Typically, this process starts with streamlining bank account structures, bank account management and pooling mechanisms, often by moving to a single banking partner. This eliminates manual processes, creates greater cash visibility and gives treasury access to real-time information, allowing it to develop better cash forecasting and insights into the underlying businesses. Standardisation is achieved through the adoption of ISO standards or the creation of company-wide process templates.

The full article written by Simon Brady can be read on the Eurofinance website.


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