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| 31-10-2016 | Pieter de Kiewit |

As you might know, I play an active role in the development of the Minor Treasury Management at the Hogeschool Utrecht. This is the second year this program is organized for Bachelor students, not only from Utrecht but also schools from other parts of The Netherlands.

I contribute in three aspects: informing students about why they should choose this minor, describe the relevant labour market to the students who chose the program and connect them with the market. Both guest lecturers as well as internship counselors found their way into the program through my mediation.

As far as I can oversee the Hogeschool Utrecht is currently the only higher education institute in The Netherlands with a structural focus on treasury. All other active in this field offer post graduate / evening study programs. In our recruitment we hardly see young graduates with thorough knowledge of corporate treasury.

In this blog I want to invite you to hire an intern. Perhaps they can offer the solution for the project where you do not know if you want to hire a consultant, ask a colleague or do it yourself. Interns ask surprising questions and present solutions you did not think about. Their recent classes taught them about theories you never heard of before. They can help you tackle projects and you can help them prepare for the treasury labour market. Win-win.

Did you ever hire a treasury intern? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

Editorial note

  • The internship for students of the Minor Treasury Management at the Hogeschool Utrecht will start February 2017 and will last for 20 weeks;
  • It is a full-time internship: the students will work for 4 days at your office and can work one day a week on their thesis, other structures can be discussed;
  • They prefer that students take the internship on their own, but in pairs may be negotiable.


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Pieter de Kiewit
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