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| 20-3-2017 | treasuryXL |

Already one year treasuryXL is online and we are proud to say that we have seen our  website grow from an unknown newcomer to a well-established information platform for treasurers, bankers, financial professionals, CFO teams, educators and everyone who likes treasury.

Our expert team has grown from a few members to more than 30 treasury and finance professionals and we were able to present a new article every workday in the past eleven months. In the meantime the treasury community knows to find us – more than a  thousand unique visitors per month read our articles, vacancies and information about education, seminars and events. And the number is growing.

This has not passed unnoticed in the treasury industry and we are proud to say that a growing number of companies has decided to work together with us as a sponsoring partner to promote their own products and services. Imagine that you look for a software to streamline your treasury department, improve payment processes, look for education for your treasury team or maybe need a new group treasurer for your company? How about checking the company profiles of TIS, Cashforce, Treasury Services, Treasurer Search on treasuryXL and find a new solution right there?

And what if your own products and services need to get more attention in the treasury industry?
Why not consider our Partner Launching Package and promote your company a whole year long?

This package includes:

  • Your company page on treasuryXL
  • Your logo on the homepage
  • Whitepapers, events, vacancies, training/seminar or other advertisement banners on the homepage for at least a week
  • Up to 4 expert pages
    All experts can write articles which will be published in the news|articles section (after approval by our team of editors)
  • A whitepaper will be on our homepage for a week and can also be found on our news|articles page.
  • Events will appear on the homepage and under ‘upcoming events’ (agenda)
  • All content will be promoted by social media and our weekly newsletter

Launching partners can use all aspects of the platform for a full year. We apply a fair use policy.
Costs for a whole year: €1000,- exclusive 21% VAT

treasuryXL is young, dynamic and flexibel – what can we do for you?

Contact me, if you want to obtain more information.

Annette Gillhart – Community Manager treasuryXL

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