This training program prepares participants for major challenges of the upcoming years in banking: PSD2 & 3, PSR and Open Banking. This will have a major impact on the financial ecosystem and will create new challenges.


The goal of this training course is to:

  • become aware of the ways PSD2 & 3, the PSR and Open Banking affect banks and other players in Europe;
  • understand the impact of the technical requirements with a focus on strong customer authentication;
  • outline the risks and responsibilities of the involved parties within the new regulatory framework;
  • understand the impact of Open Banking APIs (Application Programming interfaces);
  • understand the impacts of the PSD2 & 3, the PSR and Open Banking the financial ecosystem;
  • evaluate the risk and opportunities created by the new legislative framework for banks and new players;
  • determine an action plan for your company.


08/03/2024 – 09:00u – 17:00u – PSD2 & 3 and the PSR: impact on open banking and the financial ecosystem


  • Duration: 1 day of training (6 class hours)
  • Hours: 09:00 to 17:00
  • Location: Febelfin Academy: Phoenix building, Koning Albert II-laan/Boulevard du Roi Albert II 19, 1210 Brussels
  • Language: This training will be given in English

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