New style post executive education in Treasury management & Corporate Finance at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

| 06-06-2018 | by Herbert Rijken |

For more than 20 years the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is running a postgraduate executive program in Treasury Management. The educational design of this program is unique in treasury management education. It aims to stimulate development as an academic professional. It mixes useful academic knowledge for practitioners with hands on knowledge useful in daily practice of treasury professionals. To make this happen the program is at an academic master level and much time spent in interactive sessions with various academic and professional experts in the field of treasury management and corporate finance.


The curriculum has recently been modified for a better fit with young finance professionals willing to boost their career with high Master level post graduate executive education.

1) The curriculum has been re-organized in 6 clear defined modules which all can be completed in 1.5 years.

2) The scope of the curriculum has been broadened by a more clear focus on Corporate Finance in 2 modules, so the name of the program has become Treasury Management & Corporate Finance.

3)In September 2018 this program will be given entirely in English to connect to the increasingly larger community of non-Dutch speaking finance professionals in The Netherlands. But also, English is becoming more common in the treasury business.

4) The curriculum has been designed in such a way exemptions apply to applicants with Dutch RA and RC qualifications.

After finishing the program you will receive the certificate of a Registered Treasurer which is well recognized in the treasury community. Partners of the program are KPMG, Orchard Finance, PwC and Zanders Treasury & Finance Solutions. Senior affiliates lecture in the program. The program is also strategic partner of the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers and TreasuryXL.

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Herbert Rijken – Professor Corporate Finance at VU University Amsterdam



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