In 2019, the House of Training started with ATEL (the Luxembourg Treasurers Association) a certificating training program on International Treasury and Corporate Finance, which has been reorganized yearly. I have been participating actively in the program both as a lecturer and as a jury member for the end work. A new program starts in October. Find out more!

On July 10th, 2023 we had the certificate award ceremony for the laureates of the International Treasury Management and Corporate Finance – Fundamentals and Advanced programmes, organised by the House of Training in partnership with the ATEL – Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers. The Chairman of the ATEL, François Masquellier, stressed the importance of the training in treasury and the positioning of Luxembourg as an important treasury hub, whilst Muriel Forbé, CEO of the House of Training, emphasized the importance of continuous training.

This is the opportunity to remind you of the start in October of the Training Program International Treasury Management and Corporate Finance – Fundamentals van de House of Training in Luxembourg. For more information, please visit the website here for more information.

I will also participate as a lecturer and jury member in this program. On top, you can see find a picture of the award ceremony. Will you also be in the picture next time?

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