We are proud to announce the successful renewal of the partnership with Kantox based on the newest treasuryXL 2023 Partner Program.

Kantox is a leader in Currency Management Automation software that enables businesses to automate their end-to-end corporate FX workflow, eliminate risk and leverage foreign currencies to increase competitiveness. The company provides sophisticated currency management and payment solutions and has created a new product category dedicated to corporate FX automation.

Kantox’s Currency Management Automation software enables businesses to start leveraging technology to overcome complex FX challenges and start dealing in foreign currencies as easily as domestic ones. Go to the Kantox partner profile here.

Forward Points

Our partnership has been marked by numerous successful projects, including Interactive Discussion Sessions, authoritative pieces, and collective events. These initiatives have provided treasury experts with the latest techniques and trends in managing treasury affairs.

We are fully committed to our partnership and dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive and innovative currency management and payment solutions to the community.

With our renewed partnership, we are poised to continue supporting organizations in the rapidly changing field of currency management and payment solutions. Our alliance is built on mutual trust, admiration, and a strong drive to empower financial and treasury professionals in achieving their goals.

We firmly believe that this foundation of trust has been instrumental in our past collaborative successes and will undoubtedly propel us towards even greater achievements in the future.

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