Managing working capital in challenging times | Attend on December 1st 2022

31-08-2022 | treasuryXL | The Working Capital Forum | LinkedIn |


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Mark your calendar for the 1st  of December 2022! The Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam will open the doors for The Working Capital Forum Europe. This event brings together leaders in treasury, procurement, and payments to share ideas and techniques for better working capital management across supply chains.

That’s never been so important as in these times of rising interest rates, inflation, and supply chain shocks, when managing working capital is everyone’s concern.

From supply chain finance to accurate cash forecasting, solutions for every component of working capital management will be discussed on stage, demonstrated in our information area, and examined in our workshops at the world’s largest specialist working capital and supply chain finance event.

We’re delighted to return to Amsterdam for this one-day live event, with main stage keynote sessions, panel debates, and breakout workshops and demos.

If you’re interested in optimising working capital in your organisation, you need to join us in Amsterdam for the most productive day you’ve had in years.

Among the topics we will be covering are:

  • Cash forecasting and cash visibility
  • Payables finance
  • Receivables finance
  • Optimising receivables – get paid faster
  • Inventory management and inventory finance
  • Supply chain finance
  • ‘Deep tier’ supply chain finance
  • Funding options for trade and supply chain finance
  • Using working capital tools for ESG objectives
  • Credit insurance
  • Disclosure rules on supplier finance
  • Ratings agencies and their view of working capital solution


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