Get to Know TIS

05-09-2022 | treasuryXL | TIS | LinkedIn |

To give their clients the best treasury, payments, and liquidity management software and support possible, TIS is continually expanding and developing. Download the “Get to Know TIS” Factsheet to view the most recent details about their business and solution portfolio.


Get to Know TIS

Read the factsheet to learn more about TIS. The purpose is to summarize each area of our business in order to educate readers on all the core capabilities, value-added services, and general operational expertise that TIS offers to clients.

This resource also highlights relevant stats, figures, and metrics that demonstrate TIS’ position as a global leader in enterprise payments and liquidity management. For more information about the capabilities that TIS offers or to better understand any aspect of our solution suite, request a private demo with one of our experts by emailing [email protected].


You can find the factsheet here