Looking back on a successful start-up of treasuryXL in 2016!

| 29-12-2016 | Annette Gillhart |

crowdIt has come to the end of the year 2016 and that is a good moment to look back on what has happened, before looking ahead into 2017. In our case it is our website treasuryXL we want to focus on.

The website started on April 21st 2016 and since then has made major steps from a brand new site on the internet to a rather full-grown one – as we proudly dare to say. From day one the treasuryXL community has continuously expanded with authors, editors, sponsors and readers. Every day we provide you with fresh, treasury related content: articles, vacancies and events. In the start-up phase the website was in the professional hands of the first community manager, Stephanie Derkse, who made the site known to you and was very apt in focussing on issues that added value to the market and the treasury community.

When I took over in November 2016 the website was all but ready to enter a new phase and grow further from a solid base. In the meantime many of you now know how to find us and this is the moment to give you some impressions and figures to underline that growth.
treasuryXL has informed you about all kinds of news around treasury issues such as cash managment, risk management, funding, treasury technology, regulations and more. You found interesting articles that ranked from FinTech issues, development around instant payments, blockchain ‘to cyber crime and  fraud prevention and topics for SME organisations.  Next to daily news and actualities you were informed about interesting topics such as treasurer vacancies and upcoming events. Since the beginning the site has become known as a platform for all kind of news about the treasury market and community.

Here are some figures that we are proud of:

– 174 articles have been written since the start of the site
– 32 experts are linked to our website and write regularly
– 348 newsitems have been spread via social media since April
– 4000 visitors on the website in 7 months!
– 7400 sessions as stated in Google analystics!
– 27000 times pages were opened!

We trust that these numbers will continue to grow and make the site even more worthwhile to visit.

In the meantime a number of companies found their way to our website, and are using it very successfully as a platform to promote their own businesses. We take this opportunity to thank them for their interest and support and look forward to continue working with them.
It goes without saying that we want to provide this unique possibility to even more companies and institutions in 2017 and further on.

We also would like to thank all of our experts for their support of the website and their continuous effort to supply valuable content!

Happy New Year and may 2017 be a prosperous year for all of you!


annette-gillhartAnnette Gillhart – Community Manager treasuryXL

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