Thrilled to take the next step with the redesign of our website

| 19-11-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers |

In 2016 we launched our website with the goal to bring everybody who is interested in corporate treasury into our community. We are convinced many will benefit from bringing treasury expertise to a broader audience and experts having in-depth and up-to-date knowledge.

Every day we post new articles and blogs for our readers and if you like scrolling through your timeline you can see our latest news via social media. Friday is our recap day and all of our subscribers receive our weekly newsletter just before the weekend will start. So much is happening constantly.

Over the last months we looked back and discussed with treasury and community management experts how to move forward. As a result we made changes to our site in order to act future proof.

How to inform Treasurers and Non-Treasurers
In the past we tried to make a split between content for treasurers and those who have to deal with treasury not being an expert. We named the last group non-treasurers. This distinction seemed to make sense but in reality was not very practical. A lot of information is relevant for both groups, not all treasurers are experts in all treasury sub categories and there are non-treasurers who have in-depth knowledge.

We also assumed treasurers and non-treasurers use different social media channels, visit different events and consume different products & services. As it turns out this is partly true, there is a huge overlap in their media consumption and this is a good thing. A social media post about forecasting where the treasurer, the controller and the CFO respond is valuable for all.

Our analysis is that a lot of our valuable content does not reach all relevant audiences.

Website redesign
The most important change we made in our site is the first investment to enable further relevant steps. We have introduced an overview of the most relevant topics. With input from experts we had to make choices between being comprehensive and being an attractive read. We created an overview serving both the treasurer as well as the non-treasurer. As an example, cash pools will often be a treasurer topic, working capital management a topic also for non-treasurers and both groups will enjoy a good read about FX management.

The set of topics is not cast in stone. With your input we can tweak and adjust in order to be trendsetting and -following. Do know that reorganising all blogposts and other content in order to put them in the right category is quite a choir: over the years we posted about 700 blogs!

Topic overview:

What is next?
Building upon this investment we will initiate further initiatives. Answering questions about specific topics and offering tailormade information can be done. This is a good thing for both our reader audience, as well as our partners. It will be easier to get detailed insight, as dossiers will be organized in a sensible structure and relevant further info can be offered.

Enabling the match between subject matter experts with those who need input will be easier. You will know who is the expert in FX, trade finance, TMSs, et cetera. Broadcasting from these experts through social media channels can be done better: we will steer away from “spray and pray” and will be sharpshooters.

We are excited about these changes and are thrilled for the upcoming period. Will you join us and do you have any further input? Thank you and see you in our topical environment.

On behalf of Team treasuryXL,

Kendra Keydeniers
Community & Partner Manager at treasuryXL