Interim Treasurer: Cost or revenue?

| 15-12-2020 | Bas Meijer |

Temporary staff in general is looked at as ‘too expensive’ . When turnover is showing headwind, or management is under pressure by internal- or external stakeholders, cost saving is the first instrument management uses.

Agreements with expensive temporary staff is ended and fixed employees are asked to go the extra mile. This is not the case for all financial expertise.

The interim Treasurer is a good example. In the past 20 years I have experienced that interim Treasurers are able to create value to the company, and add contribution to your bottom line. In some assignments this was 1-2% of the turnover.

In general the interim treasurer should be able to have a rate of return of 3-6 months, based on a 1 year assignment. The revenue will not be limited to this 1 year assignment, but last much longer. I have experienced a much shorter period, up to 4-6 weeks.

Are you interested in cost saving, and attribution to your bottom line? Do not just let your expertise walk out of the door, but hire an interim treasurer for an analyses on the potential cost saving for your organisation. You’ll be surprised what an added value an interim treasurer can bring to your organisation.


Bas Meijer

Treasury Specialist