TreasuryXL: How the eating of the pudding goes so far…

| 13-7-2017 | treasuryXL |

In April 2016 we started a new venture – treasuryXL – and as with most brilliant ideas, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Now – one year and a few months further – we look back to see how the eating went. In a positive sense there was enough pudding provided and we are proud to present to you some real XL-growth figures.


Connect and share information with the treasury community!

This is what we aim for: to be an open platform for organizations with treasury and cash or risk management exposure with or without a treasurer and or the experts surrounding them. We want to share news, opinions, vacancies and events on a daily basis with you. The figures show that you know how to find us.

Plenty of articles – one every workday

 With the help of our group of experts and partners, we really did reach one of our main targets: publishing a new article every workday and we find this quite an accomplishment.

The topics varied  from news items to background information, all treasury-related and the treasury community reacted very positively. If you want to take a look I invite you to visit our articles page on treasuryXL and fill in the ‘Search’ for a specific topic.

XL growth figures

If you start a website for a community from scratch you always have to wait and see how readers appreciate what you present to them. In the case of treasuryXL we are proud to tell you that almost 10.000 (unique) readers found our website and opened approximately 19.000 different pages since the site went online.

Approximately 1.300 unique users regularly open over 10.000 pages per month and stay quite long to read articles, vacancies or other information. There has been a steady consistent growth in visitor numbers and the figures have trebled since April 2016. That is a fantastic growth for us and proof that we are realizing a need within the market for professional, well written treasury related articles.

We also found a considerable number of new partners who consider treasuryXL a valuable partner to promote their products and services. It goes without saying that the benefits are mutual. The most important is, of course, to provide valuable information for our readers. If you want to bring your own products and services under the attention of treasurers, CFO’s and other financial professionals do not hesitate to contact us.

Towards new horizons

These figures make us proud, but are no reason to stand still. We will continue to develop our interaction with the community, as shown by our unique, bespoke and innovative Flex Treasurer service. We have plenty of plans for events and new projects and  will be available to you every day with interesting news and relevant information.

 Annette Gillhart – Community Manager treasuryXL

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