Brexit and the effects for treasurers

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brexitBrexit is an ongoing issue in not just the financial world, but in the entire world. A topic which had lots of speculations, rumors and uncertainties. Although 2017 is going to bring us more clearness around Brexit, the exact date when Brexit is actually happening is still unknown. Theresa May, Prime Minister of the UK, said she will put Article 50 into motion by the end of March 2017. If she is able to put this article into motion, the actual process of withdrawal must be completed within two years. Anyhow, Brexit has its effects on the economy.

Netherlands and Belgium

Zooming in on the Netherlands and Belgium, Brexit will leave its marks as well. Because of extended research, Rob Rühl, director of Next Markets, is able to tell treasurers an update on what Brexit means for them. He is going to share his findings on a free Treasury Seminar, which is going to be held in the Netherlands and Belgium in the beginning of March. This seminar is hosted by payment specialized companies PowertoPay, TreasuryServices and the internationally known SWIFT. Since the results of article 50 going into motion or not are approaching, Rob Rühl will be able to update treasurers according to the latest developments. It’s important for treasurers to keep up with the latest developments to optimize their payment flows and thus to keep their businesses optimized. Or as Hans Leybaert, CEO of PowertoPay, looks at it; by focusing on smart Fintech solutions, platforms and ecosystems, you can create broad business opportunities that matter. Not just Brexit is interesting for treasures, but also think of topics as bank independency, cash management and Basel III which are important to learn about. More info and signing up for the seminar:


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