Does your Online payment solution generate the right value for your company?

22-06-2021 | treasuryXL | EcomStream | Ramon Helwegen

For some treasurers the world of Fintech / online payments / e-commerce doesn’t seem to have too much secrets. Some treasurers are however more distanced from it and would benefit a lot from support in this area.

As a consequence of COVID-19, many Corporates have fast-tracked their digital transformation projects to adapt to direct (online) distribution models. A key component in getting this right, is the revenue flow and the payment solution that comes with it.

The world of payments is dynamic and there is a lot of value to gain, both in performance levels as well as in cost levels. But how would you unlock access to these values in making sure you get value for money.

A few considerations that could cross your mind right now:

  • Are you in the middle of a digital transformation project and your business owners are requesting a payment set-up but you are not sure how to facilitate this at a competitive cost level?
  • Are you getting questions internally about the cost of the online payment solution and the options to save on these?
  • Do you feel that your online payment solution may be just the right area to help achieving your KPI’s around performance and cost savings?

You can consider to perform a benchmark and cost optimization of your payment solution or initiate a tender/RFP project. Both have their own pros and cons, but both deliver value to your company and will lower the TCO of the payment solution. This is where EcomStream can come in. EcomStream can take full ownership of such a project.

Think about it, you do not need this payments knowledge every day, but you would like to be able to call on it at any time. And if the costs of your payment solution would be lower, that would free up budget for growth. EcomStream often works with its clients for the longer term (yet flexible) in making sure they get value for money from their online, or omnichannel, payment solution.

The payments market is dynamic and knowledge quickly becomes obsolete. You would like to obtain the latest knowledge around online payments. That is why it is often just better to obtain payments knowledge externally. Fresh, flexible and independent. Available for you just when you need it, always. You should never again have a feeling that you could have gotten a better deal for your online payment needs, or that you are missing out on value that your business owners may ask for.

With EcomStream, you are always up to date and have access to most recent market knowledge.

Benchmarking your online checkout and payment solution is worth the effort. There are often areas for improvement that are relatively easy to execute or implement. And execution is based on a no-cure no-pay basis.

Your online payment set-up should have your primary attention. Consider to bring in an independent specialist to help you out.

About EcomStream

EcomStream is an independent consultancy and is specialized in optimization of online, omnichannel and marketplace payment solutions, and optimization of checkout flows.

The goal is to achieve much lower costs for you while creating a much better customer experience for your customers.

Thanks to its lean organisational model, EcomStream will help you to reduce the cost of ownership of your payment solution and to improve your ROI, fast.

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