Accountability foreign currency risks

| 19-10-2016 | Maarten Verheul |


Sometimes in financial statements, I read that the income statement was negatively impacted by exchange losses. This seems unnecessary to me.

At the conclusion of each and every purchase order sales in foreign currency is a currency forward contract entered to avoid foreign exchange risks. Apparently, often to run the risk in the hope of some extra foreign currency earnings. Well, I can be brief about that. Your business is to sell your product or your service. Or, as they also say, “Every man to you.”

So, whose responsibility is it, that foreign currency is covered with a foreign currency forward contract? I say this is the responsibility of the Treasury department. Treasury should report this, at least to the management. If management decides that it is not covered, it will be their responsibility.

I even think that the Treasury department should report every single time. It may be that management decides not to do the act, because the risk is limited, but the next time the risk may be much greater.

The best scenario is when the management wants to exclude all risks with foreign currency and treasury delegates to hedge all transactions, buying and selling foreign currency forward exchange contracts. Then, there never is a doubt about what needs to be done and you won’t lose time consulting with management or directors.

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