Experience the benefits of the IBAN-Name Check for Treasurers

SurePay was founded in 2016 and supplies the IBAN-Name Check to practically every major Dutch bank. More than 250 companies, including insurance companies, pension funds and energy companies, also use the IBAN-Name Check to mitigate fraud and errors in business processes, such as when onboarding new customers or suppliers.

SurePay has been supplying the IBAN-Name Check in the United Kingdom since 2020 and is now the market leader there. In addition, SurePay is active in several other European countries, including France and Italy.

SurePay, payments made personal, easy and more secure.

As treasurer you want to manage the money and financial risks in your business. You might never have imagined that the IBAN Name Check, which you probably know from your banking app, can get great results here.

Checking the payment data of customers and suppliers can be labor-intensive. But it is also necessary. Errors in administration lead to incorrect payments to customers or suppliers, and possibly to fraud. That in turn leads to unnecessary costs, complaints and even reputational damage.

This way, your customers experience effortless onboarding and you know for sure that you are collecting from and paying to the right person. Moreover, you know whether you are dealing with a private or business account and receive information about co-signer(s)! Over 250 organisations already use the IBAN-Name Check for Organisations.

Start today, with online checks

Recently SurePay introduced the IBAN-Name Check Portal. Companies can use the Portal to quickly and efficiently check, 24 hours a day, whether they have the correct payment details of a customer, supplier or employee. Multiple users can get access to the portal and file checks can be performed to check efficiently and to clean up administration, for example.
for your own administration, a pdf with the results of the check can be downloaded.

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