Treasury Seminars in Antwerp and Montfoort – a short summary of two successful events

| 15-3-2017 | Treasury Services | PowertoPay | sponsored content |

The last two Thursdays, the PowertoPay, SWIFT and TreasuryServices Treasury Seminar was held in Montfoort and Antwerp. We’re happy to say that it was a success! We got a lot of positive feedback during and after the seminars. Both had the same content but were hosted on two different days. The first one was held in Antwerp, Belgium on the 2nd of March in an old monastery (Elzenveld). The second one was held in Montfoort, The Netherlands on the 9th of March in the Heeren of Montfoort. 

During the seminar several treasury topics were highlighted. After a short opening speech by Bas Huisman, co-founder of PowertoPay, we started with a presentation about the importance of bank independency. Arnoud Doornbos from Treasury Services was talking about financial history lessons but also the current financial situation that makes it really important for companies to look into bank independent solutions.
After that Rob Rühl from Next Markets presented his view of the influences of Brexit on the Dutch and Belgian economy.
Next was a presentation by Hans de Vries, PowertoPay consultant, telling about the end of Notional Pooling and Basel III. He also presented the Payment Hub of PowertoPay and how this is beneficial for companies.
After this Jan Vermeer from TreasuryServices talked about bank independent cash pooling through software, something TreasuryServices developed for companies who wish to operate much less dependent on their banks if it comes to cash management.
Last but definitely not least, we had a client case presented by Michel Steenbergen from DIF. He informed everyone about how the two solutions mentioned above come together in practice. DIF uses a combination of PowertoPay’s Payment Hub  and TreasuryMetrics from Treasury Services and created a perfect solution for their complex cash management processes. After both of the seminars we had a drink and some food with the participants.

Our Treasury Seminar was a great opportunity to inform everyone about the current situation of the financial world and how to participate in changes that are occurring. Being bank independent is becoming increasingly important because of the fast development of financial technologies and changing laws. What we see lately is that components of banking products and services are being redeveloped by the FinTech Industry. These FinTech solutions are smarter, faster and better. As a result we now see that different FinTech companies work together. Individual Fintech products often turn out to be complementary to each other. FinTech companies now recognize that collaboration with other FinTech companies leads to high growth and a better product range.

PowertoPay –  Claire van Ingen

Treasury Services BV – Arnoud Doornbos

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