4 Top Questions about Corporate Finance

1. What does a Corporate Finance Director do?

Within most large companies with a group treasurer, there is a corporate finance director who reports to the treasurer. The most important task of the corporate finance director is to ensure that the company is able to finance both its current and future activities.

2. Does the Corporate Treasurer Report to the Corporate Finance Director, or vice versa?

Typically, there isn’t a universal reporting hierarchy, but in many organizations, it is common for the corporate finance director to report to the group treasurer.

3. Who holds formal responsibility for Corporate Finance Transactions?

The CFO or CEO typically has final responsibility for corporate finance transactions, especially those with a strategic impact, such as equity deals and IPOs.

4. What is the Role of Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance is responsible for the financial planning and analysis of a company, as well as for developing and implementing financial strategies. The role of the corporate finance director within the hierarchy of many companies is not well defined, but their work often has a strategic impact.

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