In response to common inquiries, this article addresses the ten most prevalent questions, ranging from the development history of TIS cash forecasting tools to the system’s benefits, user base, and integration capabilities. Find below the first three questions.

  1. How were TIS’ cash forecasting tools originally developed?
    Acquired from Cashforce in 2022, the cloud-native and API-enabled solution was designed to offer strategic insights into cash positions, forecasts, and working capital, accommodating global enterprises’ complex forecasting needs.
  1. What are the primary benefits of the TIS Cash Forecasting solution?
    The solution automates the aggregation of various data sources, allowing for flexible forecast methodologies. It supports scenario and variance analyses, providing enhanced analytics and visual reporting features for improved cash visibility and working capital insights.
  2. What is the composition of companies that currently leverage TIS Cash Forecasting?
    Companies of all sizes and industries, including Fortune 500 companies like Kellogg’s and Unilever, benefit from TIS solutions. The cloud platform seamlessly integrates with various ERPs, TMSs, and banking portals.

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