The Role of Continuing Education in Business Success and how the Register Treasurer Program fits in

By treasuryXL

21-03-2023 | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | treasuryXL | LinkedIn |

The business world is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is essential to success. That’s why continuing education is such an important aspect of professional development. In today’s tight labor market, offering your employees opportunities for growth and advancement can be the key to keeping them engaged and motivated, while also attracting top talent to your organization.

Register Treasurer Program

Empower your finance team with the Register Treasurer program

One program that stands out in this regard is the Register Treasurer program offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This program is specifically designed for working professionals who want to take their careers in finance to the next level. By enrolling your employees in this program, you’ll be giving them the tools and knowledge they need to become experts in Treasury Management and Corporate Finance, two areas that are critical to business success.

There are more benefits to consider. By offering the Register Treasurer program to your employees, you’ll be showing them that you value their professional development and are committed to helping them achieve their goals. This can be a powerful motivator and can help foster a sense of loyalty and dedication among your staff.

Furthermore, the program is conducted in English, which can help your employees develop their business language skills and make them more attractive to international companies. And the opportunity to connect with the network of lecturers, alumni, and other finance professionals can be invaluable in helping your employees become true treasury professionals and take their careers to the next level.

Attract and retain top talent

In essence, the Register Treasurer program is an investment in your employees and your organization’s future. By offering this program, you’ll be giving your staff the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, while also demonstrating your commitment to their professional growth and development. This can be a powerful way to attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive labor market.

So don’t wait – enroll your employees in the Register Treasurer program today and watch your organization thrive!

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Related to the Register Treasurer program is the upcoming Spring Summit. Learn about energy market dynamics and how trading companies manage risks in the Spring Summit on April 6, 2023 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, featuring speakers Frans Cleton and Stan de Rantiz. This event is free-of-charge and aims to help treasurers better understand the impact of energy prices on a company’s liquidity position. Sign up now.