Marcus Evans | 9th Annual Credit Risk Modelling and Validation | 12-14 September | London

16-05-2022 | treasuryXL | marcus evans | LinkedIn |


We are proud to announce our media partnership with marcus evans group for the 9th Annual Credit Risk Modelling and Validation conference taking place in London on the 12th-14th of September, 2022.

London, UK

12th – 14th September, 2022 | 08:30 CET

The marcus evans 9th Annual Credit Risk Modelling and Validation event taking place in London, UK on 12-14 September, 2022 will provide practical and experienced perspectives to help delegates adapt their credit risk modelling and validation strategies to the evolving environment of credit risk. This event features in-depth sessions on the optimisation and best practices in IFRS9 and IRB/AIRB spheres, maximising efficiency and accuracy in validation, implications and applications of AI and Machine Learning, integrating climate risk and credit risk in an ever-changing environment, anticipating new regulatory requirements, cleaning and structuring internal and external data, and adapting models to macroeconomic events as they occur. These hands-on sessions will be delivered by best-in-class industry professionals and cutting-edge global leaders who are uniquely equipped to pass on their expertise in this field. This event will enable banks to conquer emerging credit risk challenges in regulatory models, validation, climate risk, and ensure their increased trustworthiness and competitivity.

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“The optimisation of these models can be significantly improved from where we are today by using more common libraries or similar tools between development and validation” Head of credit risk model validation at a global banking institution

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