marcus evans | 6th Annual Banking Book Risk Management | 31 January – 1 February | Amsterdam

13-12-2022 | treasuryXL | marcus evans | LinkedIn |

We are proud to announce our media partnership with marcus evans group for the 6th Annual Banking Book Risk Management.

Taking place in Amsterdam from 31 January to 1 February, this leading event will bring together banking risk management experts from across Europe to address upcoming regulatory and macroeconomic challenges.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

31 January – 1 February

This premier marcus evans event will bring together leading industry experts in Banking Book Risk Management transformation from across Europe to address the coming regulatory and macroeconomic challenges. Key industry professionals will explain how to adapt banking book risk frameworks for IRRBB and CSRBB compliance, meet macroeconomic challenges, enhance behavioral and deposit modeling, and integrate these risks into an effective FTP and steering strategy.   


Key Themes in the agenda:

  1. Develop and maintain the appropriate frameworks to enable effective IRRBB compliance
  2. Adapt banking book risk management to meet emerging macroeconomic challenges
  3. Address additional regulatory demands within the banking book
  4. Establish best practices for behavioural and NMD modelling
  5. Integrate interest rate risk into pricing and steering


Interested in joining this exclusive event? Then contact Mr. Ayis Panayi at [email protected]  for discounts available or visit the website Looking forward to welcoming you at the event!