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Here are the Top 3 articles of January

#1 Top 5 most popular articles of 2023 on treasuryXL

By treasuryXL

In 2023, treasuryXL became a popular platform for treasury professionals. Many of their articles were read by a large number of people, some even reaching over 10,000 views. This shows that the platform is becoming increasingly popular and engaging. The article also lists the most popular articles on the platform, excluding those about treasury topics.

#2 Real World Asset Tokenization Breakthrough in 2024

By Carlo de Meijer

Digital asset tokenization is still in its early stages, but it is gaining momentum. It is transforming real-world assets into digital tokens, which is attracting interest from financial institutions and investors. Therefore it is seen as a revolutionary innovation that can bring the benefits of blockchain technology to traditional assets. This blog by Carlo de Meijer explores the basics of tokenization, how it works, and its potential benefits.

#3 In 100 Words How Should Treasury Approach AR Cash Forecasting

By Jermal McDaniel

This year, treasuryXL is launching a brand new series that will delve into critical treasury topics in just 100 words. This concise format will provide you with the essential information, deliver actionable insights, and leave you with a lasting impression that will enhance your treasury expertise. In this first edition, treasuryXL expert Jermal McDaniel delves into the topic of Cash Forecasting using Accounts Receivables.

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