How to convince your CFO to invest in better cash forecasting and visibility?

07-12-2022 | treasuryXL | CashAnalytics | LinkedIn |

If you are responsible for cash flow forecasting and cash reporting in your company and interested in replacing your manual spreadsheet model with an automated software solution such as CashAnalytics, you’ll first need to build a business case to bring to your CFO.

Despite building a solid business case, it’s likely you’ll have to answer further questions and manage objections. This is normal and should be expected but luckily most of these objections fall into several easy to address categories and we’ve dealt with them all before.

The most common objections and how to deal with them are outlined here.

Again, we’ve seen all these objections before. If you want to chat through them or discuss how CashAnalytics can help you replace your cash flow spreadsheet monster, feel free to reach out.