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Over the last two years treasuryXL built a community with and for corporate treasurers and all interested in the profession. Starting from the Netherlands our network expands into surrounding countries and we cooperate with more and more partner organizations. In the summer months we will present the most prominent ones.

Treasurer Search

In 2009 Pieter de Kiewit founded Treasurer Search after an international career of 15 years in consultancy and management of two prominent recruitment companies. In the first he learned about executive search of, amongst others, group treasurers of listed firms. In the second he was responsible for building a number of international subsidiaries of the Dutch market leader in the mid segment recruitment market. The German the most prominent one. Approaching 40, he decided to continue as entrepreneur.

Treasurer Search finds candidates for interim assignments and permanent positions. From graduate level to group treasurer of a listed firm. Clients are headquarters of large corporates, international treasury hubs, treasury consultants, non-profit organizations and some companies in financial services. In the Netherlands and increasingly international: recent recruitment has been done in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. Job types include cash & treasury operations management, risk, corporate & project finance, treasury IT and treasury control.

By now, Team Treasurer Search holds 6 members, 3 of them recruitment consultant. With their niche market approach they invest in thorough job content expertise and a very warm network. Over 90% of the placed candidates already had a meeting with Treasurer Search before the assignment was landed where he or she started in. The team is stable, something the recruitment industry is not known for.

Having a keen interest in what’s happening in treasury and knowing not each contact with a candidate and client can be about job openings, Treasurer Search takes a proactive network role. Most often as a courtesy Treasurer Search connects people with expertise with those seeking treasury knowledge. For this team members are in constant contact with educators, professional bodies and other suppliers of treasury solutions. All this makes Treasurer Search an obvious partner of treasuryXL.

For more information check out:

Pieter de Kiewit
[email protected] / +31 6 1111 9783

Pieter de Kiewit



Pieter de Kiewit
Owner Treasurer Search


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