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| 29-07-2019 | by Kendra Keydeniers |

Over the last weeks we shared blogs with profiles of Register Treasurer (RT) graduates with their motives, experiences and career paths. The blogs give you a better insight in the type of treasurers that are “RT material”.

You can read the following RT stories:

Jarno Timmerman | Treasury Director at Nike

Michel van Baardewijk | Treasurer at Vestia

Richard Blokland | Corporate Treasurer at NewCold

Mathieu Ummelen | Interim Treasury and Corporate Finance Professional

The RT program brought all the above graduates to a higher level in their career as Register Treasurer.

Executive Treasury Management & Corporate Finance programme

The post-graduate Executive Treasury Management & Corporate Finance programme combines two finance disciplines: Treasury Management and Corporate Finance. These disciplines largely overlap and are inextricably connected.

This post-graduate executive programme has now been running for more than 20 years at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It is a unique programme both in the Netherlands and abroad.
The programme will be delivered entirely in English to appeal to the increasingly large community of non-Dutch-speaking finance professionals in the Netherlands.

Participants successfully completing this post-graduate executive programme will be awarded with the title of Registered Treasurer. This title is well-known and widely recognized within the treasury professionals’ community.

The curriculum consists of 6 modules, each of which covers a clear sub-discipline in Treasury Management and Corporate Finance. Each module comprises approx 8 lecture days on Thursdays (from 15:30 until 20:00). It is an intensive and efficient 18-month programme.

The post-graduate Executive Treasury Management & Corporate Finance programme is a strategic partner of the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers (DACT). Partners in the programme are KPMG, Orchard Finance, PwC, and Zanders Treasury & Finance Solutions. Senior affiliates are programme lecturers.

Exemptions apply to alumni of Dutch RC and RA programmes.

More info here
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