Decentralised data capture, centralised data analysis: a case study

| 10-7-2017 | Hubert Rappold | TIPCO Treasury Technology GmbH | Sponsored content |

From now on, Faber-Castell will be organising its cash flow forecasting, accounts and derivatives with TIP. Regardless of where in the world, TIP allows the many subsidiaries of the multi-national to forecast and plan without major time inputs. Data capturing is decentralised while data analysis is centralised.

Case study

Groups with international subsidiaries need to regularly request all financial data from their subsidiaries spread around the world. This requires a lot of time and robust review procedures. Our web-based treasury information platform, TIP, allows the decentralised input of these data, irrespective of the various source systems, and their automatic reporting to Group Treasury. On behalf of the well-known family-owned company Faber-Castell, we recently implemented a solution which allows this stationery manufacturer to access and plan its group-wide data, ranging from its financial status and cash flow forecasting to its derivative management. Find out more about the implementation and how Quick Guides helped Faber-Castell subsidiaries to get started with the new system in their case study.

TIPCO Treasury Technology

TIPCO provides treasury reporting and cashflow forecasting solutions for over 120 companies. TIP automatically compiles existing data from various systems (TMS, ERP, etc.) and prepares analyses of these. This avoids the need to capture data manually, which is one of the most common causes of inaccurate data. Huge data volumes can be processed within seconds and reports can be set up and managed flexibly, even if the company’s requirements change. A smart cashflow forecasting module utilises that data and allows modification and simulation of forecasts.

You can read more about their case study by clicking on this link.

If you want to find out more about TIPCO and their services and products please refer to their company profile on treasuryXL.

Hubert Rappold – CEO at TIPCO Treasury & Technology GmbH

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