To respond to the pressures of volatility, CFOs and treasurers are focusing more and more on technology improvements and digital innovation.

Today’s volatility has put a lot of pressure on treasury teams trying to respond to extreme cash and liquidity challenges.

The same is true for heightened levels of FX, IR and commodity price risk. Let’s take a brief look at each function and how
technology can fill the gap.

Advantages of Automating Cash Processes

• Increased visibility and control over cash
• AI-powered predictions into future liquidity requirements
• Real-time updates to transactional data
• Faster connectivity flowing into forecasts

Advantages of Automating Hedging

• Reduced reliance on individuals with expert knowledge
• Visualizations of daily indicators of financial metrics
against company risk policies
• Streamlined exposure collection and forecasting
• Simplified hedge accounting and compliance
• Shortened workflows and all critical data in one place

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