At the start of the summer, Surecomp hosted an event to raise awareness of the benefits of ‘collaborative trade finance’ in Utrecht, Netherlands. It was an opportunity for Dutch corporate treasurers to hear the latest industry trends in digital trade and to hear from multinational logistics firm Vanderlande about their journey with Surecomp’s RIVO™ platform.

Surecomp, an experienced trade finance solution provider, is driving digital trade finance adoption globally, including beyond large multinationals due to the pandemic. They emphasize collaboration and accessibility for businesses of all sizes as trade volumes grow. The shift towards global-scale networks, like Surecomp’s RIVO™ platform, aims to enhance transparency, efficiency, and scalability in trade finance processes.

Vanderlande, a major player, has benefited from RIVO™ by streamlining guarantee management, leading to more strategic tasks. BNP Paribas, a banking partner, joined this collaboration to digitize trade finance, satisfied with data security and compliance. RIVO™ promotes fintech interoperability, connecting the trade finance ecosystem and fostering efficiency and security. Semsoft, a risk intelligence platform, also highlights the importance of standardization, digitization, and collaboration for a secure and interconnected trade finance landscape.

Read more about it in this Surecomp Blog.

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