Continuing our theme of connectivity, in this blog we’ll take a closer look at how trade finance technology can connect all transaction participants, empowering more efficient trade while supporting collaboration (instead of competition) across the trade finance ecosystem.

This includes corporates of all sizes, banks, non-bank financial institutions, and insurance companies. By including insurance companies on platforms like RIVO, smaller businesses can access finance that may be difficult to obtain from banks.

Connecting trade participants through a centralized platform allows for more efficient communication and execution of guarantee requests. The power of connectivity lies in providing a platform with free onboarding, holistic visibility of finance requests, and competitive rates, enabling companies to optimize their trade finance processes and drive growth. Additionally, embracing digital trade finance supports sustainability efforts by reducing paper usage, providing ESG scoring, and empowering companies to manage their trade-related environmental and social impact.

Meet us on 8 June at the Van der Valk Hotel Houten (Netherlands) for our live event:

Collaborative trade finance: optimizing visibility, efficiency & connectivity 

By joining this event, individuals and companies can gain knowledge, practical insights, and networking opportunities to expedite guarantee approvals, adapt to regulatory changes, enhance communication, and foster growth in their trade finance operations.

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